Welcome to Mission Blue Foundation

Mission Blue Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the conservation of water in the state of Jharkhand.

Welcome to Mission Blue Foundation
Save Water. Save Akhra.

Mission Blue Foundation started in 2014, with our first initiative in the field of water conservation in Jharkhand. We struck a tie-up with a US Plant Group Company and did an extensive soil testing, the report that was later submitted to the State Government. It laid out the guidelines on water supply and suggested an optimum usage of groundwater.

Mission Blue Foundation's vision goes beyond the task of conserving water. We focus on creating awareness amongst the students, farmers and villagers. We visited about all the blocks/villages of the State of Jharkhand to aware people on water harvesting and conservation.

What sets our NGO apart from others is our inventiveness of generating employment through tribal art and culture. As we travelled, we found that the places were suffused with a rich tribal culture. Mission Blue Foundation pitched for this because we believe that if the culture of a place is promoted in the right direction, it can create sufficient employment for its residents.